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If you have been posted on,  we can help you get removed. TheDirty is run by a guy named Nik Richie. Nik Richie is known not to remove any listings from the website even though he offers a link for requesting removals. Usually he will just send an automated response that states: “Thedirty does not remove posts at this time.”

We have rarely seen or heard anyone being successful to remove post on their own from thedirty. The only exception would be if child porn or something illegal was posted. Even we have heard that many attorneys have failed to do so when sending legal letters. We have also seen some photographers who own copyright to their images be successful in removing only the photos via a DMCA copyright infringement notice, but not the actual post content.

However, we have figured out a legal method to get posts removed from thedirty completely that works. We have done this for many clients already. Evidence and/or references can be provided to serious prospects. The method that we use is highly proprietary so you would be asked to sign an NDA before we provide you any references. We are probably the only company that has figured out how to do this successfully.

Please be aware that not every post is a candidate for removal and if we feel your post could not be removed we would not sign you on. However, if we do sign you on we would only charge you upon success. There will be no upfront payment required.

If you have been posted on, then contact us today by completing the contact form on our website to see if it is a candidate for removal. Please make sure to provide a number and a good time to call you, so we can discuss the details with you over the phone.