Revenge Porn Website MyEx has been shut down

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After prosecution by the FTC, and the state of Nevada, will be taken down and victims awarded part of a $205,000 settlement. Neil Infante, the site’s owner, created a page that urged users to “Add an Ex” and “Submit Pics and Stories of Your Ex”. This intimate media was rated and commented on by the public, and remained online for any to search for. This vile web page used reprehensible tactics to force victims into paying fees ranging from $500 to $2800 to take down images and intimate content from Frequently, this...

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Google Making Big Changes to Auto Complete

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Google’s autocomplete first debuted in 2004, and has since delivered us almost exactly what we’ve wanted in just a few letters. When the feature first debuted, there was a general attitude that it was lazy, and that it was invasive. Today, the public seems to be enamored with the technology. Google’s been focusing on the autocomplete problem recently, because the search tool is returning some unusual results to users. Predictive search can be great for businesses and users, who both get what they want a lot faster now. However,...

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Fix Bad Reputation to offer Court Ordered Removals

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We have announced a partnership with an attorney that will allow us to remove many defamatory posts legally. The way it works is that we file a lawsuit against the poster. Most often the poster is anonymous and may not show up and this may result in a default judgment. If they do show up, we would still continue lawsuit to get a settlement.  As part of the settlement we ask the court to provide legal removal requests to Google, Bing, Yahoo and the offending website, (aka Court Ordered Removals). Sometimes the offending website may not remove...

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How to remove Naked Pictures Posted Online by Your Ex

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If you’re one of the thousands of people who fall victim to an ex posting your naked pictures online, or “revenge porn”, then you’re probably dealing with some heavy fallout. Evidence shows that this type of crime disproportionately affects women and girls more than men or boys, and it can ruin lives. Revenge porn can destroy reputations, kill employment opportunities and decimate relationships (present and future). Victims of this type of crime often find that navigating the legal waters of their problems can be quite difficult. The...

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Press Release: Fix Bad Reputation Offers New “Success Fee” Option for Reputation Management

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Here is a new press release we have posted: Fix Bad Reputation Offers New “Success Fee” Option for Reputation Management We have announced that our services are based on “Success Fees,” meaning if we are not successful in removing complaints and negative content, we will not charge you.  We can remove content direct from some sites and if we fail then we can try to get it removed from Google. Here are some of the sites that we offer services for: • Ripoff Report • Scambook • Pissed Consumer • •...

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Tonight Host John Oliver Wants to make Revenge Porn a Crime

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“Revenge Porn” is a term used when your ex posts your pictures online to destroy your reputation. There are several sites such as, and even that people use to post these types of pictures. Currently there are no laws in most states preventing this from happening. Even in California where there is a law, the fine is only $1000. The other issue is that your ex may still be able to post your pictures anonymously and there would be no way for you to proof it was him/her. Most these sites allow...

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Does Yelp engage in Shady Practices?

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What if your business was suddenly published on Yelp? Would you even know about it? The owner of Joe Hadeed’s Carpeting in Virginia had this same problem when negative reviews began flooding his page. It turns out that Yelp collects business information from “third party data” sources and creates business listings even if you did not request to be listed on their site! This means there is almost nothing to safeguard businesses from the onslaught of anonymous negative reviews. And that’s not the only complaint. The FTC has revealed some...

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Yelp Sting Operation to crack down on Fake Yelp Reviews

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Businesses who rely on Yelp to gain new customers may have something else to worry about: fake reviews. These solicited reviews are part of a sting operation that Yelp is conducting with the goal of purifying the reviews onsite. Yelp is only as good as the reviews it features. The site does a good job of transparently flagging reviews for removal, hiding them behind a link that denotes them as ineligible. It seems that the company will take a more proactive stance and actually pursue Yelp hackers. Jeremy Stoppleman, the CEO of Yelp, has...

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Recent Court Ruling Puts Anonymous Reviews Under Fire at Yelp

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Yelp has issued a statement expressing its discontent for a ruling that forces the review giant to disclose anonymous user information. The company worries that its 10 million plus monthly users may have something legitimate to fear when leaving reviews: the long arm of the law. While no users are specifically in jeopardy yet, the ruling out of Virginia calls into question some of the very protections this country was founded upon. The right to privacy may face its biggest challenge yet, all over a carpet cleaning business. Is Yelp right? Does...

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